The new generation of the crow: how the second grade quartz, how to become a perfect leader from the rushing beast

Ramar Jackson

Ramar Jackson

August 20 (text / ESPN author Jamison Hensley Compile / Love) From the Route Times Baltimore Crow Team decided to take the quartz Joe Flacco to the moment of the Denver wild horse, everyoneI know that the crow team that hits Damanning and Braddy in the playoffs, the crow team who took the super bowl of championship trophy should be realized.The leader of the new generation, there is no doubt that the big boy wearing purple No. 8 jersey, a smile – Lamar Jackson.

Even the crow team’s fans will doubt, this is called “hot mom”, will only hold the second grade of the ball with the ball?With this doubt, let’s take a look at Ramar Jackson has made great progress in this break.

Last season, Jackson as a rookie player, empty a tendon meat, I could not adapt to the current NFL attack at the passage of the passage; so he will vulnerabate in the training camp. He will get instructions from the coach, then repeatedly practice; “Coach coach, oh … Can you say it again?” This is the most often said last year.

When this year’s break, Jackson’s change can be used to use a backcritical changer! He not only knows what the specific responsibility of each gear is, but also knows the specific division of labor of each player. When other teammates do not stand in the correct position, Jackson will give him the right position; if the player is still confused, Jackson will take his shoulder and bring him to the correct position.

Although until now, there is still no concern about whether Jackson becomes a qualified passenger; but if it is a complete season to control a complete season, Jackson does not have any questions. “He is now full of leaders,” Chris Moore said, “When he is on the court, he has the sense of power of the same order, I can’t wait to see in the regular season. How can we do it in the end? “

Of course, Jackson’s growth is not a chance. Earlier in the offset season, Jackson has been criticized for the understanding of the team offensive system. When the team began training camp in a new offensive system, Jackson actually said that he didn’t know this change, which made the outside media, and accused him: “The team sells MVP, you are still very embarrassed. Say you don’t know! “

In this regard, Jackson’s response is to see. I don’t know in the past, I know it is not too late! So he familiar with the tactical manual before the training camp and discussed how to implement it with the team’s external connections. As a result, through the training of 13 training camps and two preseason games, the crow is only a few times a few times because Jackson’s hesitation needs to slow down the rhythm or pause. Most of the time, team attack is a row of water.

“Whether it is theoretical drill, summarize the meeting or actual exercises, you can see that he truly mastered the initiative of the attack.” Greg Roman, “team attack coordinator, said,” This is very excited. “

The crow has established a new offensive system around Jackson this season, and Jackson also naturally hosted himself in the center of this new system. The team has been instilling a lot of different tactical philosophy, array and offensive details, and a lot of information need to be mastered, but Jackson does not retreat. “I have already surpassed last year’s level.” Jackson said, “Similar to last year ‘coach, then the stupid problem is no longer existed this year, I have learned a lot of things, master new tactics, Of course, my teammates have also helped me a lot in the sniking period. “

And Jackson’s growth has also become a popular topic in the coat room of the crow. “When he was at risk last season, he was all awkward. Many things can only be hard; now, he has passed, he feels very comfortable, he is very comfortable with him, he can direct us We trust him. “- Exterior hand Willie Snead IV said.

Professional Bowl Offense Matter Marshal Yanda also gave Jackson height evaluation. “From the end of last year, he puts a more powerful confidence command team, and it is fully adapted to the rhythm of NFL now, this is a qualified quartz guard in the career The things that should be done in two years, obviously, he did it. “

The young attack is also appreciated by Jackson. “When he is on the court, he will be more clear what you want, what kind of feedback he wants to get on your teammates; if the situation is not good enough, he will find a way to solve it, he now has this Ability.”

As Snneider said, the Jackson took over the team was purely dead. At that time, the team mainly four-dimensional Shuko was lacking. If Jackson hits it according to the set of Flaco’s system, it is completely unlocked; It is actually led the team to force the steel team to enter the playoffs. Despite this, Jackson is also very respect for his boss.

His character is very popular in the locker room. When you talk to the crow team, you will inevitably hear such an evaluation when you are only 22 years old. “Everyone likes Ramar.” In the locker room, you will see him and take over, the offensive team is even a defensive player, and in the training ground, the defensive players will even celebrate with Jackson, when there is any bad emotions, Jackson It is also the first charge to stop this seedlings.

“He doesn’t need to learn how to become a leader,” John Harbaugh “comment,” He is born is a leader! Of course, he is growing, like everyone, from a boy It turns into a man; at the same time, he is also learning how to become a better quarter-saving. He has a high emotional business, and the teammates like him; he only needs to be herself, you can get people’s trust, this seems It is the key to him to be a leader, and even throw out if the play is excellent. “

So we saw the preseason game, when the third team’s attack was in trouble, Jackson would gather them to say some encouragement. There is no doubt that this team is now Jackson’s team!

Why would players attracted by him?

“Because I am one of them, only” Jackson said, “there is, it may be because I am cool …”