The opening is unfavorable to adjust the fire priest 5-4 national 4 points reverse

On June 7, Beijing time, a Division of the National United District and the East Division of the National Association, San Diego priests met the National People’s Congress. The priest suffered a fight in the first game, and the union lost 4 points, but the line gradually found state, in the fifth bureau against the ratios;

[Data Highlight]

The priests, Lunfer 2 points 1 point of book, Kingsler 4 played 2 安 打, Ma Xiko, Reyes 1 point; national, KFRK, Doce 2 points.

[Competition process]

In the first place, the priest was first picked up, Lucexi was huge, and Turner was out of the game, Robrez was played, but Lunneden was also sahed, but the Sope Turk was selected to pay four bad balls. KFRIK hits the left foreign country rolling, the two runners ran back to the home base score, the nationals occupy the first machine, 2-0; then, Dozier slammed the 9th project of the season, two points Let the people expand their leading advantages, 4-0.

In the second half of the second bureau, the four bad balls of Corbin guaranteed the first player Rays, and then immediately punished, Lunfu hooked out of the Chinese and foreign wild flying home, the first 18th project of the season helped the priest recovery 2 points, 4-2; then Jinsler, Margot, Xiaodis also lay the base, forming two people out of the work, but Meers did not grasp the opportunity, a second base direction inner The ball was killed and formed of a striped strike.

The fourth team of two teams completed the half-border in three three, and the pool state tends to stabilize.

In the second half of the fifth, Margot and Xiaodis have hit a hit, no one is out of one or three, and then Herbone has taken the small Taddis to the second base. The four bad balls are guaranteed, and Machado hits three swims to roll the earth. Margot is going back to score. The wilder chooses to pass the ball to the three bases. After the score, the score came to the order, 4-4; Rays’s high flying sacrifice and got 1 point for the priest, and the princes were overcharged, 4-5.

The sixth bureau is replaced, the 5.0 bureau’s pool is hitting 4 security and lost 4 points, sent 5 times three times 3 times, although the first game lost 4 points, but with the excellent play, laying I still take the winning candidate.

In the second half of the sixth bureau, Colibin also ended the work. It is also a 5.0 bureau’s pool. It is 5 points for 5 points for 5 points.

In the first half of the ninth game, the super Terminator came to the door, sent 1 three vibration and relaxing to solve the three players, and the 23rd rescue point of the season.

[Two sides starting]

Washington National Team

Tre-Terna guerrilla

2. Victor-Robrez right wilder

3. Anthony – Lunden 3rd

4. Juan – Sodo left outer wilder

5. Hayi – KFRK

6. Brian – Dozale

7. Yang-Gomez catcher

8. Michael-A-Taylor’s Chinese

9. Patrick-Corbin Pitcher

San Diego priest team

Small Tad dessi guerrilla

2. Will Miles

3. Manny Macha

4. Franmill-Rays right outside

5. Huncher

6. Ian Kingsler 2,0yllic

7. Ostdom Herchis Catcher

8. Joey – Lucexi Pitcher

9. Manuel – Mogot Chinese and foreign wilder

[Next prospect]

The next game of the national regime of Eric Fede, 1 winning this season, 0 losses this season, and the first debut in 2019 is a priest. 4.0 The bureau did not lose (Fed), in the past three consecutive games, after the 14.0 game lost 3 points, the problem facing it is to keep more, there are 7 times.

The priest is Nick-Magwux, 2 wins and 6 losses 5.40 self-blame rate, this 22-year-old young pitcher is very perfect after https://www.fanartikelsportde.comthe first three games, the 16.0 bureau only lost 3 points, sent out 12 times. However, in the near future, there is a low tide, and the last 6 games have lost 22 points. In the past four games up to 9.17 self-blame rate.