The package worker once again missed London Rogers: "When will I arrange it?"

When NFL announces the 8th team of the London next season, the green bay packaging work is not in the list.

Before the start of the 2019 season, Rogers’ green bay team packaging workers, Houston Texas, Carolina Black Leopards are the three teams who have not participated in the British race, but according to the arrangements of the League next season, Texas people And the Black Panther will participate in the next season of London, so that the packaging work will become a team that has never participated in the London game after the 2019 season. For such a situation, the packageman’s four-defense hopes to see some positive changes in the future.

When Rogers received an interview with the British National Football League before the Super Bowl, Rogers clearly said that I would like to see that the packaging workers can have the opportunity to go to England game before he retired. He also pointed out that he is not the only person in promoting this idea – The same is true of Marc Mac, president of the team.

Rogers said: “I have already expressed my thoughts I want to participate in the London game, and our president also knows this matter.” When Murphy’s possibility of participating in the London in the team in April, he hopes later In the 2020 season, I can see the team in the London competition, but the problem is that if they want to play a game in London in 2020, it means that there is a team to give up a home game, and Rogers don’t think this will happen.

Rogers said: “No one will be willing to give up the opportunity to face the packwork in the home, because they know that the game of the challenge of the package will definitely be sold out, we are not willing to give up the home game, because the team is coming 30 years of home ball tickets have been sold out, when we return home, no one will be willing to give up the opportunity of the home game. “

It is because the team will not voluntarily give up the home game of the packaging team, Rogers hopes to see the alliance to intervene. Rogers said: “I hope that at a special moment, the alliance will intervene and let us have the opportunity to go to England, because our guys are looking forward to going to England.” And if the packaging team determined to participate in the London competition, Rogers hoped It can spend a week in England, not just a few days. “The overall atmosphere on the British is quite good, and this atmosphere may continue all the week, and those players who arrive at the British on Thursday or Friday said that they are very difficult, they are usually tired and what are I don’t want to do it, and if I can go to the UK on Monday, we have the opportunity to look at the local city and look at the Premier League game and enjoy everything there. “

Rogers knows very well about the international reputation of the packaging team, which is because his girlfriend Danieka – Patrick, in fact, she took a while in a packaging team in Paris. Rogers said: “There are many great fans there, all of these countries have bars in Paris, there is one in Paris. Dannya went to Paris, this is too incredible, NFL’s influence has become so Large. “

The packaging team already knows 7 of the 8 home opponents in 2020 – Chicago Bear, Minnesota Vaca, Detroit Lion, New Orleans Saints, Tampa Bay Pirate Team, Indiana Polis The team, Houston Tech Team Team, plus a team of National Association, which means that if the NFL decides to intervene, the alliance will force one of the team to give up the home game, let them face the packaging in London “home” The team, and the pirates may be the safest, because the alliance has transferred it to London at a home game in 2020, as Murphy pointed out, if your city hosts a super bowl, then NFL May be involved and allow you to fight overseas, and Tampa Bay will host a super bowl in 2020.


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