The pirate big external AB has something to do! Forged vaccination prove, if you are confirmed or faced

Antonio – Brown is also stressed! The Tampawan Pirates of the Tampawan Pirates were accused of the new crown vaccination prove to fake vacation. According to the “Tampawan Times”, the chef Steven-Ruis said, in the beginning of July, he received a text message from Brown Girlfriend, Moro, called Brown to spend $ 500 to buy a forged vaccination. Prove. “New York Times” has gained a screenshot of a dialogue between Roys and Moro, as follows:

Moro: Can you get a vaccination card?

Ruis: I can try it.

Moro: AB said he plans to have $ 500.

Ruis told reporters that he couldn’t get a fake vaccination card, but when he went to the Brown house a few weeks, Brown showed him a vaccination card from elsewhere. Ruis said that Brown has told the surroundings, he is worried that the vaccine will generate side effects.

Brown’s lawyer Sean – Bursten issued a statement denied these allegations, pirates also published relevant statements: “In the past break, we organize a wide range of education, emphasize the benefits of new crown vaccines. We received Tan The vaccination card filled in the Pagan pirates, and submitted the required data to NFL in accordance with the alliance policy. Pirates have also carried out a review of the vaccination card of the team owner and did not find any violations. “

There is a reporter that the pirates believe that this allegation is likely to have a brown, “the whole incident is to make money, there is no direct evidence.” According to the “Times” report, Ruis is now talking about this question is that he owes $ 10,000, and after the negotiation with Brown’s lawyers, he has never been able to obtain this money, Brown from the sixth week The toe is injured. Brown did not make any reply, and the reporter did not contact him.

NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement that the alliance already knows this, and has been talking to the club, “We will carefully investigate this matter.” If Brown is really forged a new crown vaccination, it will cause serious damage to him, career and economy. Green Bay Package and Alon Rogers are the first trip, Rogers is impressed by the fact that they did not play the vaccine because of violating the union of new coronary pneumonia agreements.

The Brown and Pirates may also be the same, in October, NHL players Ivan Kane were banned from the alliance because of counterfeit vaccination cards.