The pitcher can also be homing! The spaceman first pitted Grangi with the history of crackdown

The Houston Spaceman completed gorgeous reversal from the backward situation of 0-4 in the 5th game of the World Contest, and finally defeated Atlanta Warriors at 9-5, and divided the series of competitions into 2-3, retaining the hope of the championship. . Their old will first pitcher “Z Devil” Zach Granki has also created history. He became the first pitcher who knocked out to play in the World Competition in 1923.

In the 4th game, the spaceman turned to the pitcher, in the case of the team, the coach Dastti Baker actually made the pitcher Grande played. Although Grande is a pitcher with a certain strike ability, he has been in the United States for a long time. His blow hand will be somewhat unfamiliar; but in the face of the Warriors, Jessi Chawi is tapping. The right outer field is playing.

It is worth mentioning that the blow to Grande is not a weak ball. The lease rate of this ball has reached 105.9, and this ball is also the strongest record in all the space people. Hit the ball.

More importantly, this pitcher can be a singer of MLB history. According to multi-party prediction, MLB is very likely to make the National Union in the next agreement also use the designated blow. Due to the cause of the epidemic last season, the National Union briefly adopted the way to use the specified strike, but it seems that this change may continue for a long time.

If this is the case, Grande as the end of this era is a good result. Because he can say it is the best pitcher in the past 10 years, his career strikes three surroundings of 0.239 / 0.280 / 0.345.