The Prime Minister of Australia calls on the people not to gather, but it will still watch the rugby game.

According to Reuters on March 13, Australian Prime Minister Morrison called on people not to gather together, and the number should not exceed 500 people, but it revealed that he will still participate in the weekend football game. Australian health officials warned that millions of residents will infect new coronaviruses in a few months.

heera gold newsAustralia currently infection with new crown viruses has accumulated 156 cases, 3 cases of death, the government expects that this number will increase rapidly in the next few weeks.

Morrison said that the Australian Government will start from Monday (March 16), it is recommended not to hold more than 500 unnecessary gatherings, but this does not include schools, airports and public transport.

Morrison said in Sydney to reporters, “This is an early stage of our early stage to make sure we can go in front.” He added that Australians should also reconsider their demand for any overseas travel.

sex with news reporterAustralian health officials warned that millions of Australians will infect coronaviruses in the next six months. Kerry Charite, chief medical officer of the New South Wales Government, “We expect 20% of the population in the first wave of epidemic.”

The new South Wales population is more than 7 million, which is the largest state in the Australian population. Money said that the data model showed that 5% of the state, that is, approximately 350,000 people, will be hospitalized by the infected new coronavirus.

On March 12, Australia has also joined Italy on the previous list of direct entry ban on China, Iran and South Korea, which has become a key initiative to prevent viral spreads.

Morrison often calls on the people to stay calm and work hard to appease the tight financial market. On the 12th, he said that the government will inject a $ 17.6 billion (about $ 111 billion) to stimulate the economic in strike due to new crown viruses.

However, Morrison asked the people to keep calm calls to a large extent. Hundreds of Australians began to hoard goods, from staple food to disinfectant, and the country’s stock market has also hit hard in the past week.

Australia’s latest medical recommendations are promoting the cancellation of the first-class Formula Racing Grand Prix and Australia and New Zealand Cricket League event. Australia’s most popular sports – Rugby Alliance and Australian Football have begun new seasons, which usually attract tens of thousands of viewers, which increases the risk of viral spread.

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Australian Victoria State Governor Andrew said that the Australian Football League may need to be suspended. The largest, the most participated in the country will begin its new season on March 19.

Morrison, Morrison, said he will participate in the Purple Rugby League on the weekend, watch his favorite Croatra shark team. He said, “This may be that I have been watching the last game for a long time. It doesn’t matter. I think we may watch the game on TV.”

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