The raid people are confident full of strong enemies, Mahms, the victory, the victory, the victory.

Text / Front reporter Shen Bo 彧 2019 season NFL has come to the second week, the first big victory of the wild horse again took the home of the home – Oakland Coliseum, with the United States and Xi Zi District, the enemy Kansas Emirates launched a fierce civil war.Every home competition this season has a special meaning against the Bay, especially the Auckland fans.The most precious memory.

At the same time, the visited Kansas Emirates is led by the new Branch MVP Patrick, Mahomus, leads their young and talented external groups to launch an impact on the second line of the raid.

A city, a venue, the three generations of memory

When the San Francisco Bay District I-880 highway is again blocked into a parking lot, people know that the Auckland raid will begin. Before today’s game, I was already crowded before the Auckland Stadium. Although this year is the final season of the team in the Bay area, the fans have not submitted the enthusiasm of this team.

The Auckland raid man experienced a big land in the seventh and eighties, the relocation crisis in the 1980s, and the first playoffs in the early 21st century defeated (2001 post-competition) with “tuck rule”, 2002 super bowls lost pirates ), As well as a frustration of fish in recent years. The fanatic native fans have different feelings about this team. More “champion powder” in the 90s in the same city, the old fans of the raid are more special.

The fans of the raids are love and hate. Whether it is Woodson retired for many years, or just hanging boots, “Beast” Lynch, even if it is already traded, Amari Cooper, many fans are supported by their jersey. Even today, the first quarter of Delik Carl’s state is very downturn, they all have been tireless to Calla in the past. Even the “wicked” Buffett in the league fought in the team this year, the team said he welcomed him. However, this team can’t stand the betrayal.

At the beginning of the season, I gave this team a big hoped all-star Antonio-Brown’s farce and after leaving the patriot to let the team’s prospects, making many fans to hate it.

In addition, the particularity of this venue itself makes it very special. Before the game, the interpretation stressed that the Auckland Big Stadium is the existing big baseball and football shared. The land in the middle of the course made the players in the way, and also gave the game added more variables. At the same time, the big screen in the field also released the photos of MVP and Father’s Lao Mahms (formerly aesthetic player) in this competition in this field, so that the audience was surprised.

The author has been visiting a few decades of raid people, understanding the story of him and the team, but also visited him with the distinctive “super fan”. ” The old fans named Andy began to pay attention to this team with their families from the 1960s. After all kinds of falling, they still filled with this team, love and confidence. He said that his “raid bus” will also open to Las Vegas with the team and continue to support them.

The two sides are fighting to attack, and the raids first next city.

After opening, the raid players accompanied the fans to the fans, and the fans were screaming, defending with the offensive style, giving the Kansans who have not adapted to the Sunshine in California. The quarter Swan Drickl continued his first fast-outball and the precise strength of the drop in the first section. Ground, I won three first first attack. The team’s offensive front line has also continued the excellent performance of the previous game, and the Carl’s full time will be given to the pass option in the first section.

The time obtained by the offensive line also allows the outer junctions to get a more sufficient time, causing the emirate to prevent Tailun – Matthew to prevent the foul to be more than a foul. The raid person is not only open, on the ground offense, the offensive front line opened the middle road, so that the strong rookie Jacobes and another running guard Washington opens around the second line of the chief.

On the other hand, the offensive robot leader led by the new department MVP Patrick-Mahmus is not to show weakness. At the beginning, try to use a medium-long transmission line all-star close to Tel Avis-Kelci and the previous game. Super Hot External Hand Sack – Waterkins. However, the strong rushing of the first section was only left to Mahomus, and several rushers can only barely abandon them.

At this time, the lens gave the audio of all-star outside the gypsum, Taili Hill was absent from a long time due to injuries. On the big screen, he saw his lonely face, and it was full of full and worried about the team.

MVP suddenly puts forward, the chiefs of the Single Single Festival shocked four

After the second section, the two teams seem to have changed their identity: this section became a personal performance of MVP Mahms – NFL in recent personal performance in recent years.

A small episode appeared in the second section: The raid man coach Grunetton questioned the penalty of the referee threw the red flag. After this round of offensive, we can clearly see the players in the direction of the players in the direction of the media room. At the same time, the Emirates seized the opportunity: Mahmus saw the young outer handle deamus Robinson did not have any hesitation than the corner of his small one, decisively came out a strong and powerful Long biography, direct reachable area. 7-10! Emirates pull back a city

After discovering that the raid guards and safety, the high-quality and smashing, the old handsome Andy Reed decissed several similar tactics, allowing the Mahms Middle Road Celese and Waterkins. Mahmus used the same straight line high-altitude bombing in the second festival, and the three consecutive tried to pass, and he also made himself a 278 yard pass on the single-section. Four remembers. The reporter on the side of the author took a shot of a face, and won the phone or social media to check the alliance record.

After the post-session data confirmed that the performance of Mahms was a MVP: his attack on this section was the second single-year passing performance in the history of the league, second only to the old demon Briser 294 yards. With the completion of the four remote bombings, the score came to 28-10 before half, and the church length scored a leader.