The ram is 4 weeks four weeks in advance, the national West champion coach to create a responsibility and cultural culture into one.

The 13th round of the regular season ended, and the Los Angeles ram defeated the Detroit lion with a 30-16 soldier, and the team won the National Union West District 4 weeks while got a victory.

This season, the Los Angeles ram rapidly rises and established a dominant position in the National Union West, and even the entire alliance, and the record of 11 wins and 1 loss highlights the power of the ram. This year’s performance is very stable. The second Seattle Hawk, the second Seattle Hawble, the second part of the country, is the only team that exceeds the negative field. If it is not a seahawk, it has been chasing the ram, the raw rush can be locked in the first two rounds. National Western head name.

This is the racquer to get the National Western Championship for the second consecutive year, the last season 11-5’s torch, San Francis, 49 people and Hawks.

At the beginning of October, when I accepted the ESPN, the male team played the team culture of the coach Schon-Mac Wei, and they believe that “responsibility” is the guarantee of the team’s good results: “Everyone we have to bear The same responsibility. He (McD) will take the initiative to take the initiative, raise everyone, is my fault, I will fight the game, rest assured, I will find the problem to solve it. ‘ When your team has such a coach, you have learned to take responsibility and to stand up and express it, which makes the team more cocomble, everyone will reflect on his mistakes. “

The 2018 season is called “Cosmic Sheep”, they have the offensive group with a must-want, four-point Guardian Garf and external handbondon-Cook, other star players, defensive end Donald last season has just won the best defensive players in the season, and attracting the Namy, Su and his partner, introducing Achib-Talib and Marcus Peters, two big star guards sitting in the back field.

The starlight of the Shengshui Yinhe Battler is moving towards the playoffs. Now the key issue is whether the raw routine success is successfully converted to the strength of the playoffs, and even said to take a super bowl. The first battle last year, the ram is 13-26, and the Atlantian Fat is regretful. If you can’t achieve better this year, it is undoubtedly a disappointed season for them.

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