The suspense was announced, Zhejiang Guangsha showed, Hu Jinqiu ushered in a trunk foreign aid, rushing crown chip upgrade

At present, the CBA league walks the most detachable team in foreign aid. It is probably Zhejiang Guangsha. It is reason to say that there are many top-level strength of Hu Jinqiu, Sun Minghui, Zhao Yan, Feng Xin, should be able to enter the finals. However, as foreign aids continue to emerge, Zhejiang Guangsha is stopped last season. To this end, Guangsha men’s basketball team has always hope that there is a hard-powerful foreign aid, according to the latest news, this
suspense is revealed, Zhejiang Guangsha is also showing, that is, there are some risks, go signed the best new Xiu Olympics Kafu, both parties have reached a consensus on the contract.

In recent years, Zhejiang Guangsha has not signed good foreign aid, Fordson + Bovicis combination is the best foreign aid sign in Guangsha, but the two professional attitudes have problems, once the ball is called “no mind” and “Not please”. With the big change of the Zhejiang Guangsha coach group, the contradictions in foreign aid are more and more sharp, and Li Chunjiang is just because of this reason.

According to the original plan, Zhejiang Guangsha is intended to make the old acquaintance Ruulica, but helpless Du Lichet hopes to go to other places, to renew the salary, considering the status of Raudu, I don’t know how I happen. Guangsha management resolutely chooses to give up Radu, mainly because of the broker of Zhejiang Guangsha, obtained the NBA big player, Pakfurt’s agency rights, after a assessment, Guangsha is very satisfied with Okafu, including The head coach Wang Bo.

Two sides were a shot, signed Okafu, mainly the 5th position of Zhejiang Guangsha, there have been some problems, basically only Hu Jinqiu is supported, and Xu Zhonghao has seriously falling, and Li Jinjun also announced continued to be treated. It can be determined that as the best rookie of NBA, Okafor’s strength is undoubtedly proven, once joined to Guangsha men’s basketball team, this ace foreign aid will be able to join hands with Hu Jinqiu Qiangqiang. Currently, ranking 4th Zhejiang Guangsha, if you can maintain this momentum, even hope to hit the championship, Okafor’s arrival, the bargain chips are undoubtedly increased!