The total bonus is 360,000 yuan! "儋儋 杯" 2021 Hainan Provincial Men’s Football Super League

Zhangzhou Cup “2021 Hainan Men’s Football Super League Opening Site. Organizer

People’s Network Haikou October 24th (Fan Hun Di) October 23, “Zhangzhou Cup” 2021 Hainan Men’s Football Super League opened Mbappé Jersey in Zhangzhou. The high-level football team from the provincial level will be averaged for a month.

Li Xi, deputy mayor of the Zhangzhou Municipal Government, delivered a speech at the opening ceremony, Zhangzhou City supported this super league, the purpose is to promote communication, promote football in the city, in 2022, China Hainan Sixth The sports will be prepared. It is hoped that the athletes will come out of the level, the game, the referee is just a ruling, and create a good environment of fair competition, and put this competition into an upward, condensed, and show the sports event of Zhangzhou spirit.

After the opening ceremony, the host of the Hoshengzhou City,Kits Football Kits the Hanzhou City, the first champion, Hainan Weihai Ying football club, the Hengrun Industrial Team, unveiled the scene, after 90 minutes of fierce battle, the Zhangzhou team is 2-1 Reverse the Shengheng Industrial Team.

The game site. Organizer for map

In recent years, the football cause of Zhangzhou City has achieved a long-term development, actively holding various football competition activities, which has strongly enhanced the promotion of football in Zhangzhou City, cultivating football backup talents, consolidating the growth of the football in Zhangzhou City The basis of progress, promoting the prosperity and development of Zhangzhou sports.

In 2013, Hainan Provincial Men’s Football Super League is in 2013, it is a well-known large-scale football league in Hainan Province. The event is held annually. This year is the ninth, winning the championship of the event, will be qualified to participate in Hainan to participate in the Chinese Football Association. Member Association Champion League. This session sets two sectors in Zhangzhou and Haikou, which unveiled the battle (opening ceremony), the closing ceremony Manchester United Jersey is carried out in Zhangzhou, and there is a bonus before the game, with a total bonus 36,000 yuan, this is the Hainan amateur football match The highest bonus.

It is understood that in order to implement the epidemic prevention and control measures during the event, Zhangzhou City carefully made the preparations for the event, and established a live medical support group. The Organizing Committee guided the audience to watch the game in accordance with the epidemic prevention, and reducing people’s gathering and creating a health, safety, and orderly contest environment.

The League was hosted by Hainan Provincial Tourism and Cultural Radio, Television Sports, Hainan Sports Chelsea JerseyEvent Center, Zhangzhou Tourism and Cultural Radio and Television Sports Bureau, Hainan Football Association.

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