The two teams need to reach the transaction! Pride to make up the first round value winemaker harvest potential

On November 28th, Beijing time, Milwaukee’s winemaker and San Diego priest reached a transaction. The priest sent the inherstone Luis Urias and Eric Laul (Eric Lauer), from the winemaker to the foreign country Trent Grisham and the right pitcher Zach – Davis (Zach Davies), the two teams have been announced. The winemaker also mentioned the priest will also send an unspecified player or cash to complete the transaction.

This transaction is a rare transaction that is rare in the alliance. From the perspective of priests, Grisham can now take the town of Manuel Margot, when the priest Taylor Trammell is on the big league, he can Shift to the left and right fields. At the same time, Davis can also help the priests.

The 22-year-old Uilias is a top-level new show for the last season alliance. His performance in the 3A Alliance is in line with everyone’s expectations, and raises the big alliance with excellent performance. He is very poor in the big profit, and the hits in the 71 game is only 0.223, and he is far from the score of the small alliance.

Off-board, because the priests have Manny Machado, the guerrilla area has small Fernando – Titz (Fernando Tatis Jr.), Ulias mainly guards the second base. Although there is a scout that Ulias is too small, there is news that
the winemaker is still willing to try to keep him guidth, and the team’s newcomer’s newcomer, Keston Hiura partner.

24-year-old Raul is a circle show in 2016. In the past two seasons, he cast a 261.2 bureau in the Grand Union, with a result of 14 wins and 17 losses, and blame the loss rate of 4.40. Like Ulias, he is very good at the small alliance, directly on the big alliance. At present, he still has to become a free player, so the winemaker has enough patience to make a breakthrough in the performance.

Grisham sent by the winemaker is 23 years old, and it is a dream for him last season. He finally found the sense of blow in the small alliance, relying on the big alliance in the excellent performance of the small alliance. Grrisham has replaced his position after the core of the winemaker.

However, in the face of the Faculty of the Washington, Grid Sham’s deadly mistakes cause the team to be turned over, the team stopped in the outer card. After this transaction, Grid Sham will no longer be able to redeevers with the winemaker.

Davis sent 31 games last season, cast a 159.2 bureau, achieved 10 wins and 7 negative results, and the loss of self-blame is the lowest professional career. 3.55. Davis pool has limited pressure, and the three-way rate of every 9 of his career is only 6.4, so it can’t vote the number of people. It has also been lucky in the last season. However, he is in the performance of the wineman’s 5 seasons, which is enough to prove that even the three vibration capacity is not strong, he still has the strength of the League 34th.

Today, there is news that there is news that San Diego priest and Left Pitcher Dru-Pom Menz (Drew Pomeranz) reached a four-year total amount of $ 34 million in signing agreements.

According to reports, the contract of Po Menz includes $ 8 million, the annual salary of the 2020 season is $ 4 million, and the annual salary of the 2021 season is $ 6 million, and the annual salary of 2 seasons is 8 million US dollars.

Interestingly, last season Ponmelan is also effective for winemaking. He served as a supporting pitcher in winemakers, and the performance of 26.1 bureaus was only 2.39, and there were 45 three vibrations. He will and the team’s Terminator Keibie Yats’s victory in the game after the game.