The world: Debei Lee feels very happy in Barcelona, and also feels that he has owed a loss to Barcelona.

Live Bar November 4th News According to the Spain “World Sports” report, French Bidding Deng Bella is close to Barcelona, he feels that he has owed news highlights today a loss for Barcelona.

Dengbelei and Barcelona contract to Ming Xia expired, and the two sides have been all india news in hindi live close to talk, although Debei Lee received a more rich quote from Manchester United and Chelsea, but the dd madhya pradesh player is willing to stay in Barcelona.

Debei Lee felt very happy in Barcelona, and also felt that he had a loss to Barcelona. He clearly, Barcelona, in order to buy him spending the money of the 1005 million euros plus the festival, he hopes to be a useful member in the team.

It is reported that Debeira will receive a contract for the contract of Barcelona for 3 years, and the choice of increasing period of time according to the number of appearances. Debeira’s basic annual salary will decrease due to the cause of the epidemic, but there will be similar appearancesBall and other bonuses.