The Zhejiang Professional Football Club has not only "profession", but also has created "Zhejiang Template"

On November 3, the national football team will carry out two warm-up match in Shanghai, one of the opponents is the Zhejiang team of China.Why did the national football team choose a Tangjia team to warm up, where is this African football club touching the national football?

Zhejiang Professional Football Club has already existed 23 years and is one of the oldest clubs in China.This cage not only has professional football, but also known a national “most comprehensive” football club in China.

The glory of Zhejiang football is in September this year.On September 18, 2021, the Zhejiang Rigading U20 team represented by the Zhejiang professional football club echelon, received a gold medal of the U20 men’s Men’s National National Games.

At four years ago, the U2young and beautiful movie 20130 team of Zhejiang men got a runner-up at the Tianjin National Games. This is the arm of championship with the National Games again after the 2013 U18 men’s football team. At present, the general manager of the Zhejiang Vocational Club, Jiao Fengbo, who has seen the failure of impact gold medals four years ago, and I saw the team rewriting fate after four years, achieving breakthroughs. “Four years ago, my identity is more special. I first is one of the main person in charge of Tianjin Greentown, which is responsible for providing support services to the participating athletes entering the Village, but at the same time. At that time, I was transferred to the club. Work. The full football has not been able to get the championship. This is our regret. I found that this team is still a big gap. Even so, we have never changed the toi news headlines today goal, in order to achieve this goal, we have developed the strategy of ‘slightly wins’. How to win? Then come from the details – all things are doing perfect, but they do it. ”

“In fact, a team’s winner is just the foundation, coach team, management team, service team can guarantee the player’s talent and power effective growth, and whether they can make unity, put this in the most critical moments Everything is played out to overcome difficulties, which all depend on the top floor design of the club. “Jiao Fengbo said. “We can make such results this time, with the leaders of the Zhejiang government, the Provincial Sports Bureau and the Football Association, the concerns of the Zhengneng Group, the Greentown Group, are not open, especially before and after the stock reform, from Club to the National Games, everything has chelsea fc news update by rss feeds maintained the maximum stability, which makes me also dare to adhere to the adjustments made in these years, so that we can continue to develop in a benign road, so persistence and trust is support We win the power, and professional and integration is two weapons. “This persistence also includes cooperation with Zhejiang Sports Bureau and Football Association for many years, and has always handed over to the club to manage. After the Zhengneng Group entered the club, he did not change the original architecture of the club and insisted on using the current management team; it is because of their trust, so the team can laugh at the end.

After this, Green City Foot School also has a huge credit. The Greentown Foot School was established in 2004, and the cooperation between Greentown Youth Training System and Okada’s history hindi news video coach was started in 2011. After the Okada coach took over, the cooperation between the two sides was gradually expanding and in-depth, although the Okada coach was removed, but the cooperation between the two sides has not been interrupted. Now in the past ten years, the Qingxian system of Green City still has a deep Japanese football brand, but also the whole training system not only conducts teaching, but also the management style, business philosophy, and has been Japanese football culture. Influence. “We have initially implemented Okada Wushu Youth Training Method, and now our coach and scientific research team have compiled Green City Youth Training Outline, the training methods and football concepts of the football and club echelon can be highly unified, each The age group is closely connected. Different are only a slight ne live news channel difference in strength and specific requirements, but we have learned Japanese football and the young training system never move, and it will definitely have to figure out a way that is suitable for you. “Greentown President Yang Jian President Say.

Greentown also implants them in the management philosophy of the group mainly to the system of Zhejiang professional football clubs. In fact, in many years ago, the club is already thinking, once the golden dollar football returns, how to survive the whole club? As Jiao Fengbo said: “In the era of unspetructed capital, the fight is managing. We are not the top tactical level of Asia, but we have always been to the top club in the management system and club structure, this is why we have been Emphasize that it is necessary to carry out its own construction and development to the standards of the Asian first-class club. ”

After many Japanese top clubs and study, Jiao Fengbo discovered that the reason why Fengbo found, not to say that there was a achievement, but because of the most stringent standards, the most reasonable ideas went to build, I gradually moved to the top. “There is only the top-level club that comes out of this model will not cause subversion of the club’s development model because the team’s performance fluctuations.” For example, the Zhejiang Professional Football Club established a professional and system management Standard: First, the club has established a medical room and rehabilitation room in the base. It can provide all-weather service for the skin injury and postopers, or can customize different rehabilitation programs at different stages of injury, recovery period; secondly, club I hired a psychological professor, giving psychological counseling; third, the club establishes a scientific, system, visualizing individual health archive system for teams at all levels, and signing a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang People’s Hospital, providing professionalism, meticulous, A comprehensive medical rehabilitation service allows the entire club’s medical health care system more perfect. In addition, the special support of the club is also reflected in the establishment of the technical department, and the player is evaluated; when the application of big data is in football, the Ali nail team specially invited the “exclusive staple” to the club, including club OA, player Database, scout management system and other management systems.

In addition to professional football and young training, Greentown will continue, successfully launched the Seventh “Playing” Community League, providing a fresh perspective and vitality for the development of China’s amateur football. At the same time, Green City also played its own advantages in real estate development and living services, and actively promoted the football industrialization process, and multiple football town projects are in order to advance.

“Green City insists on football, will make more contributions to the development of Chinese football development,” as Chairman Zhang Yadong, chairman of the Chinese Board of Directors of China Football Association.

Use the initial heart to take the farthest road. The future of Green City will continue to fulfill the responsibility of corporate citizens, deep plowing football public welfare, and contribute to the progress of China’s football business.