There are 3 major gains! Harden 34 + 10 + 8 recovery, new aid into the strange troops, Nash changed

112-110! The basket refused to encounter 16 points and reversed. With the last moment James Johnson’s free throw, they finally won this fierce morality battle at home, after this, the team recorded 15 wins and 6 losses, continued to steady East One position. And this game, in addition to winning this fierce saw battle, they still have 3 harvests!

First, Haden State Court

Since the opening season, Harden’s performance is unpredictable, and even the flash is played, but his attack always gives people a sense of aggressive in the past, and the last 12 points have been questioned. At this game, Harden is open after the opening of the offensive end, 15 points in the first quarter, and borrow 28 points in half. The second half of Harden offensive is strict, but he contributed to other respects, and finally cut the 34-point 10 rebound 8 assists. Harden was in the offensive end, proved that as long as he thought, he can still play the top offensive performance. Obviously, after this game, I believe that Harden’s confidence will increase, and gradually recover in the back of the game. In the third quarter, the flying rebate, but also showed the focus and enthusiasm of Harden in this game.

Second, the new aid James Johnson became a strange army

This game, Haden opened the fire, the fire, Durant opened, once the hand was cold, but the fourth critical moment He finally came out, the single section cut 11 points 2 rebound 2 assists help the basket . Both Harden and
Durant played the performance of the super star, but the Nets Finally, they still have some of the main reasons that are dragged into the time, the main reason is that other role players are not much. However, the lack of James Johnson strive, once again become a winning hero, after the Nicks 110-110, the finally attack, Durant encounters a gathering, he passed the ball to James Johnson, the latter There was no impression after the ball on the crust, but it was decisively improving the basket to create a foul, and he helped the team’s free throw in the last 2.2 seconds left.

If you change to others, you are likely to do not know how to handle it, and even pass the ball again. The last time is exhausted, but the experienced James Johnson directly shocks the basket to produce killing, helping the Net finally win the game. In this game, he replaced 18 minutes, 2 shots 2, three points 1 1, free throw 2 in the middle 2, cut 7 points 2 rebound 1 assists, the final free throw, the treatment method after the ball It reflects the value of this older.

Third, Nash changed

After the last end, Harden said that he hadn’t figured out when it was, when he passed the ball, this is an important reason for the attack on the offensive end of his opening season. And the game started, Nash changed the strategy, let Harden become a major attack, and Durant will let the ball play organizational striker, so that Harden has already found the offensive status, and Durant costs , Wait until the critical moment of the fourth quarter, stand up and pick up the team.

Although Nash did not tact, at least he was willing to make some changes in the use of Harden and Durant, indicating that he is not completely stubborn coach. Just this change is still not enough, the Nash wants to continue to improve competitiveness, requiring Nash to continue to make effective adjustments.