This damn football! K is reproduced, and 3 balls leading the leader

The reason why football becomes the first exercise is that it is full of dramatic and fun, less than the last moment, you never know where the game will go. Even if it is 3-0, can you win? Even if it is 0-3, is it lost? The second round of the 2021 season K1 League in Korea, on November 3, the second round of “Balance of Life and Dead”, the main battle of the main battle, because of the one-level 3-0 leader, because of the conservative mentality, final Lost 4 goals, lost this life and death in 3-4. This loss, basically means that the direct degradation of the Gangzhou FC has been set.

This game, Gigheng FC fully occupied the scene. Since the ranking of the league is the news app india first, it is stronger than the winning desire of the Guangzhou FC. In this game, Guangzhou completely used oppression to suppress Seoul, last season and the Seoul Club In the predecessor group, he was extremely hopeless “撂 撂”, the leader of the “撂 子”, the “frontier” proved to prove herself in front of “Front East”, so he The strategy is also very radical. And the kick method of Gigheng, completely unexpectedly, in the case of out of control in the midfield, Piece is lost in the first half of Seoul. The midfielder is also forced to be replaced by a small car five because of the strain. As the protagonist of “drunk driving parking”, the cars that have just been lifted for all, obviously do not prepare for the competition, and the second half of his continuous passes mistakes, leading to Li Canand and Yan Yuan, 3-0! Guangzhou FC is 3www news on air nic in hindi-0 in 50 minutes. Almost no one is suspect, they will win the game.

But the football game is so dramatic. 0-3 behind, let Seoul’s young players have enhanced “shame”, they began to oppress the opponent forward, and the three-ball leading Gangzhou players once again committed “old hairy”, complete line, When the area of ??the frontcourt is completely handed over to the opponent’s control, it is the problem that is late or later. In the 64th minute, Seoul passed the position of the ball, and the header was hit by the opponent’s defending Alex, making Oolong to pull back a ball. After 4 minutes, Parossevich also completed the single knife through the anti-line, 3-2! 4 minutes in the penalty area, 3-2! Shuo’s withdrawal of Yan Zhizheng, the backpack Han Xi training retired to the Zhongwei position, and the formation was changed to cnews tv 343. However, Jin Haotong’s choice, let the Guangzhou midfielder are more out of control, and withdraw from Li Weiqi, Gangzhou is equal to withdrawing his sideline barrier, which is even more embarrassing this Seoul. In the 78th minute, Seoul sidelines ginger Chengjin uses the opponents’ mistakes, and there is a low shot in the penalty area and add another point. 3-3!

Seoul’s team cheers, and the mentality of Gigao players and coaches has changed thoroughly. 0-3 to 3-3, Guangzhou all teams do not accept the order, start full pressure However, this change in Guangzhou is too late, but in the near future, the latter line is completely collapsed. In the 87th minute, Li Wei was mistaken. Seoul’s “Elf Mouse,” Gao John inserted into the penalty area, facing the panicked Yin Puna, one foot angry, ball! 3-4! Seoul’s team is caught in all india video a carnival, and Gigheng is a player who wants to cry. In the last few minutes, Gigheng has created several opportunities, but all waste in the penalty area. The final whistle, the world is divided into two colors, one is the white victory, one is yellow.

The coach of the Guangzhou FC, Jin Haotong, with a mistake, and the overall situation of the team, facing the opponent, the opponent, Jin Haotong, determines the success or failure of the team. This damn football! For Gangzhou, this game they wanted to look back, the players even had even shouted tears, and the shifts of the Gigheng were serious. For the Guangzhou FC, the miracle may not be great. For these young people, the ending is a bit cruel. Whether this deadly counterachatar is affecting their mentality behind them, it is really unknown. But for our neutral fans, this game is still very exciting! This is the charm of the K league.

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Guangzhou FC 3-4 FC Seoul

Poam Iron Man 4-0 Jiangyuan FC

City South FC 1-1 Incheon Union