This football empire refused to participate in the World Cup three times, and finally lost to the miscellaneous army.

First, you need to start from the British football.British football is in the root of modern football, the UK has begun to set up a football association in 1863.At the end of the 19th century, the UK has begun to have a league, the UK is the earliest team, the earliest football organization, and the first to form a football match, since the British invented football, playing in the British footballCan Lionel messi Jersey see some features.The first is the history of Liverpool Jersey the British football, so there is time, the British Liverpool Jersey tradition, the scriptures, and still decided their football fate.But as a country with a gentleman, the more old people, the more attention to the rules and systems.And the British is also relatively blind, after all, as a day, the end of the Empire, the control range is also big, forming them now.