Three points 5 in 0, Durant has a new low data in Ten years, no three-fold death is still included?

Net network risk Shengnick’s game, Durant’s feel is not very good, the audience 23 shot 9, three points 5 in 0, long-distance shooting Durant is almost blocked very complete, three-pointer all Taking the iron, it is really touched for Durant. This is also the second single game in Durant this season, the first time is the first time in November 25, Durant three points 4 in 0 In addition, data statistics show that the number of three-pointers in Durant this season will be significantly reduced, and the new low data in the season is set, and the Durant of Durant is 4.8 times this season. This is Durant 2012-13. The new low since the season.

Can not be scored three-pointers, Durant received an interview after the game was also asked. Durant believes that he should be able to invest in those three-pointer, but all the iron, can not say
Durant three times There is no confidence, the problem is that Durant does feel cold, it is physical effort, or Durant’s feel is to be warmed, but it will not affect Durant’s self-confidence. He is domineering that he will not cast three-point ball, The score, this is indeed fake, Durant in the three-point 5 in the same cut 27 points, almost the routine operation of Durant.

Modern basketball really needs to vote for three points. Durant silk has given him a lot of help. It does not have a three-pointer Durant, and the killing power may be lowered, but there is no three-poke Durant. Still catering?

In the face of Knicks defense, Durant starts feel bad, even after the back continuously into a few goals, there are some hands and anti-Nash press on the bench, but Durant as long as it is back, even if Durant is This game is not high, and the three-pointer will not vote, and Xibdu has arranged tactical package Durant.

The Nets can win this game, Durant is not killer killed the game, but Durant is definitely the first key to winning the winner, Durant is grouped, found a James who got the opportunity. Johnson, the last Nicks helpless fouls killed James Johnson to the ball.

Without Durant’s pass, James Johnson will not have such a chance to be a team, this is also grateful to Durant, which is also the temperament of the for hand, even if Durant hand feel Not good, Xibo Du did not dare to let Durant, but chose a clip.

Durant has killer very color, and it is difficult to understand in the game. However, Xibetu blames the Nicks to lose the competition. It is a bit hard, and Durant faces the package to get 11 free throws, the problem Not big, at least Nash can not develop inclusion tactics for Randel.