To retire! Morant left knee injury was helped to leave, medical experts worried about cross ligament and meniscus injured

On November 27th, Beijing time, in the Grizzlies and Eagle Competition, Grizzly Core Star Molan was hurt, and then the Grizzly official announced that Molant was quitred from the game, only 8 minutes in advance injury, this It’s too unfortunate; Morant left knee injury, and the injury needs further confirmation, but it is willing to be too serious.

In the first quarter, Morant held the ball attack, was passed by Corince and Helt, after Morrant passed the ball to the teammates, at this time, the left leg of Morant has been injured, which should be a non-contact injury, I touched my knees for a while, Molant was turned, and the one-legged jumped and took the replacement. Before leaving, Molant was lying on the floor, and it was very painful, after the knee was very painful, then Morrant left leg could not be , The staff is helpful to return to
the locker room.

Before leaving, Morrant was taken in 8 minutes in the 8 minutes. 0 got 2 points 1 rebound 1 Assistant 1 cap, which has been closed; then the Grizzly official announced that Morant exits the game because of the left knee injury, expected to In tomorrow, I received a nuclear magnetic resonance check to further confirm the injury, I hope the cross ligaments or half-month boards are hindered. Medical experts rajpal Brar worry about Morant’s cross ligament and meniscus damage, I hope I don’t have big things.

22-year-old Morrant is the absolute core of the Grizzlies, and the physical talent is also a total alliance; this season is 33.9 minutes of the game to bomb 25.3 points 5.8 rebound 7.1 assists and 1.7 steals, shooting in the shooting rate of 47.8%, three-pointer 35.6% and free throw rates 77.3%; compared to last season, Molant’s progress is obvious; finally pray for Molant, don’t be hurt!