Tongchuan City Talent Primary School held a class football league

On October 18, Tongchuan City Talent Primary School held a launching ceremony of the sabarimala online booking official website campus football culture and art festival, and the campus class football league was an important part.On October 28, the class football league started, and the competition was implemented.

On the game, the students ran, struggled to fight, and kicked the ball to the opponent’s usa today world news goal again and again.They struggled in the green field and touched the hearts of the audience.”Come on, refuel”, the cheerleading of each class is constantly improving the players, and the scene is warm.Whether it is a player on the court, or a cheerleader in the field, their wonderful performance, very good to explain the spiritual features of the child’s high-spirited.

The stadium is struggling, and it is happy to grow in the campus.The football match is not only the game of losing and winning, but also helps children exercise, enhance physical fitness, healthy who news today and happy growth, and cultivating children’s efforts to work hard and unite cooperate.I hope that they have more exciting performance in the subsequent football league, let us be taking place!