Trading and new play, live winemaker pitcher, new tactics, or give a big trouble

Section 7 years of wine team once again entered the National Federation Championship, and they were also the first team of the first part of the partition championship. Considering that they also played a game in their regular season, they can say that they have made great progress in 2018.

However, today’s winemakers and them are different from 7 years ago. At that time, they more relying on the development of the first farther’s stable and less injured to win, stability is their theme. But the fans who are
familiar with the winemakers this season know that their style has become more changed from stability. Especially in the arrangement of pitcher, it can be said that they have blurred the difference between the first and rescue pitcher. This time-mobilized tactics makes 96 wins, only Joris Die Xin, a first firing number (15 wins). This number is 3 in 2017. But the team has killed the National World Federation Championship this season.

The words of New Show Brown-Woodrv reveal their mystery: his main melody was ready to live in this season. Although many times he will let him shoot in an abnormal situation, but when this arrangement can win the ball for the team, he understands the team’s practice.

What changes happened to the pitcher group in this season, how did the team discharge the pitcher? Various processes are comparable to a big reversal baseball match, we may wish to use the 9-game timeline to count the important changes in the occurrence of winemakers in this season.

1st game

Due to the cause of the injury due to injuries, the team was going to let Chaus Anderson, Xie Xin, Brent Sut, Zach-Davis and Woodrv serve. send. But Woodrf’s status is unstable, but it is good to return to Junio ??Glas, and the team has a stable first pitcher group.


On the 2A Rehabilitation May, May 2, finally returned to the wheel value. Sudi was arranged by the team to be a cowshed by the team in the first 6 games. However, Merry was injured again in the competition of the Indian team on the 8th, and in that game Sutter excellent, the team made him return to the wheel value. However, Anderson Iron was injured in the game and reimbursed half a season.


On May 11th and the Rockseason’s series of Woodrf showed excellent, 3 games rescue, and finally helped the team to win the opponent. However, Anderson was sick in Denver, so that the teenager Freddy-Peralt had to replace him in Mother’s Day. He didn’t make people disappointment, it can be said that the ball has contributed 13K in the 5.2 game competition.


Davis’s small alliance is still bad, although there has been a return in the middle, but the reply is not very ideal. Helpless once again entered the status of the injury until September was repeated. Woodrf is still unstable, between the MLB and the small alliance. Pellarta was recall from June 19 to the first hair.

5 bureau

Sutter entered the injury list before the forearm, worse, was worse in the second game after returning on July 22 because of the injury, he had to leave in advance. After the game, the team announced that he made him TJ surgery. The team had to accept a truth of a whole energy.

6 bureau

Merry was finally returned on July 12 after receiving 60 days of injury, and he gradually became a reliable hair of the team in the second half. 4 wins in 13 games and 1 loss, ERA2.60. Gra is still in persistence in the case of injury, but his state is getting worse, and he finally quits first in September. Pellata gradually began to sit on the ranking of the first hair.


Before the deadline of trading on July 31, the team has been seeking a reliable first, they look at Matt-Harvey, but there is no success. The team finally operated with Xie Xin, Meri, Anderson, Peralt and Grami in August. The team’s pitcher group is particularly poor in this month, whether it is the first or cowshed, 5.33 ERA is also the highest alliance. Several first bids of Gra and Simin are extremely poor. Davis all the moon is a little longer thanks to a little.


On August 31, the winemaker finally got their satisfied pitcher, the National Team of Gio-Gonzalez, who used Gunzalez to replace Gra. The former also proved its own value with excellent performance. Peralta 6 wins in 14 games in 14 games this season, ERA4.40, which indicates that he is a qualified big alliance. Davis finally rejoin the rotation lineup after absent three months. In the trading team’s cowshed, the head coach Concete used a lot of pitcher to transfer tactics in September, which has achieved good results. In the end, they won 20 wins in September, defeating the bear in the race, and obtained the first place in the Central District of the country.

9 bureau

After defeating the bear, the team announced a list of 11 people to pay the Rocky team. Anderson did not participate in the ban, Davis was also excluded. Three Woodrf, Gra and Perala played an important role, stable play and diverse weapons made Rocky team beats without anything. The winemaker also uses the time-mobilized pitcher tactics in the series, and they only let Rocky have two points, and two are zero opponents.

On Saturday, the winemanship will be in the home court, Xie Xin and Meri will first send two games before the war. But compared to first, we look forward to how they will schedule pitks in the game. Technologist David Stersters also said: The team’s current record is due to the innovation of their use of pitcher groups. Striz also said that in the series of the Rociji team, the way they operate very well, next to better implement their tactics in the game.

The Dodge team has been entered into the National Union Championship for 3 consecutive years, while the winekeeper who returned to the National World Championship in 7 years will bring their new tactics to us what surprises?