Traditional VS fashion! Both the big city, Boston and the Los Angeles fans culture

Boston Red Socks Winning

Boston Red Socks Winning

The special reporter Xue Lei, the theater of the magic ball is from Los Angeles

The MLB World Contest came to an end today.

Boston socks and Los Angeles Daoqi, these two wealth is rough, and the fans all over the world’s large market team, meet in the 114th “Autumn Classic” World Competition. This Mars hits the earth average century war, which can be called exciting. Not only to create a super long extension of the record of the World Competition, but also let the other side of the feat of the world. The various elements of the inner field are gathered together, and it is essential, naturally, forgetting me to put the game, accompanying the love fans along with the main team with the passion.

When red socks encountered Dodge, when Boston encountered Los Angeles, the same portability of the United States, the straight line distance from 2,588 miles (4165 km), which gave us a classic match between Tiannan and Haibei. . In October in Golden Autumn, Los Angeles, located in the southwest of the United States, still arrogant in the big afternoon, while in Boston, in North, the rainy rainy makes people spitting white smoke, just waiting for a big snow.

Although all the differences between Chinese are in the middle of the language, the difference between dialect is far less than China, but the history, different customs and even social ethnic groups have been deeply influenced by the two teams. My heart loves the team to cheer, and let the opposition between the two team fans have become more and more interesting.

Historical Culture, Boston, Red Sato Fans Respect Tradition

Boston, founded in 1630, is one of the oldest, most historical and cultural values ??of the United States. As the European Puritans immigrants, the city established by the Americas, in the world history textbook, those familiar American historical events, such as Boston pilgrimage, Lexington and Concord Battle, Bangke Mountain Campaign and Boston Battle It happens in the city or nearby places. Paul Leville’s famous midnight ride also happened during this period.

His history, he has also been an important shipping port and manufacturing center. Today, it is the center of American Higher Education, Healthcare and Investment Fund. It is one of the highest level of education in the United States. Its economic foundation is a minority city in education, finance, medical and technology. One, and is considered a global city or a worldwide city.

Boston fans

Boston fans

Whether it is the city of Boston, or Boston Red Socks, or the Fenwei Park’s stadium, these heavy ambiguism, the unparalleled pride and pride of the Boston fans, the naked eye. Plus as the city as a veritable champion, not only in the baseball field, in the football court (super bowl to get the soft Tom – Bredy leader New England Patriots), in the basketball court (Eastern Haoqiang NBA total champion) The Green Army Celtics, in the Ice Hockey Course (Traditional Strong Brigade Burst Bear), these four Jinli-year-old travel will maintain the strength of the first group, but also make the Boston fans have a kind of arrogant, even Let the fans in the United States disgusted, even hateful.

For example, in the first two games in this World Competition, the main scene of two consecutive victory, will always take the lead in the game, take the initiative to provoke the Dodge fans who come to watch the game, “We will Within the four games! “And after the three battles of the game, the two sides moved to Los Angeles, in the Dodge Stadium, the Dodge Fans in the Blue Grungley often won’t take the initiative to visit the red socks fans.

In addition to covering the arrogant, the Boston fans also have a major feature, that is, because of the old, respect the tradition. Before you have not yet entered the court, even the streets standing at the door of the Fenwei Park, a retro feeling in the last century accompanied the details of the perspective, ignited in the heart.

Four hours before the game, in the alley behind the Finweap, there was already a lot of fans and big drafts waiting. Outside these fans, some exclusive hawkers who drive T-shirts and programs have caught the attention of the reporter. These hawkers are generally dispatched. The goods sold are generally characteristic. For example, those T-shirts that sell themselves, the typographic design of these T-shirts is generally simple, unlike today’s online or shopping mall. Purchased T-shirts spun, listening carefully to their drink, it is a quite vintage.

In the United States, online shopping is high, and many teams will have a special operation store inside and outside the franchise product. The vendors of the selling hawkers are really very rare around the baseball court. In the reporter visited nearly 20 large union stadiums. It can be seen that there are not many stadkers outside the rackets, and they can spend their hearts, and only in this Fenwei Park.

Inside the stadium, it is more obvious that it is more obvious, the whole stadium is like a huge museum, and the fans, or this rushing passer, is like a common experience in common. . In an inconspicuous small corner, a small door that is used in an century but now it has been depressed and the door to protect the glass cover, maybe in front of you inadvertently, you will be surprised by it. The appearance, or may be curious, how can people pass by it, come to watch a baseball game.

But there is a thing even if it is a century, still use, that is the organ. The style is not a rare thing for the tradition of the traditional baseball field. Even if it is the Turkish Stadium in the West Coast, in most of the game, the musicians use the tube style or use sound to simulate the sound of the style, play Those who came out were very familiar, calling for fans together to interact for the team to help the tunes, which are routine operations, this is nothing else.

However, when the team is striking training, now the horn of the modern stadium will play some rhythm, the most popular music. Electronic music, rock, sing, are all of the live DJs. In this Fenwei Park, even the player’s warm-up, the warmth of the game, can be heard at the scene, still a slightly monotonous gustral sound, which makes this stadium less passion, but more One point of history.

The Stadium capacity is not big in Finwei Park, which is never pleasant in the playoffs in October. Perhaps the weather is cold, people here are used to standing with a whole game. The proportion of idle chat in the game is much lower than other stadkers, more focused on the game, helping the team from head to end, is the characteristics of Boston fans. Perhaps because education is the foundation of Boston City. The fans here are also more professional. They are more understandable, and more understand how to put pressure on the opponent even give the referee, will be afraid of any one in the game Details and collective views and opinions, express your dissatisfaction with your snoring. Therefore, in the enforcement referee here, it may also be in supervision, and the pressure is huge, thus affecting the periphery environment.

Of course, if you want to prove that you are a qualified red sock fans, a song you have to sing, that is, “Sweet Caroline …” Sweet Caroline … Boom Boom Boom, Good Times Never seemed So Good … “and the more than 37,000 viewers in Fenwei Park shouted” So Good, So Good, So Good “will give you a unforgettable memories and experience.

Diversified fashion city, Los Angeles fans pay more attention to the meeting experience

On April 4, 1850, the Los Angeles officially opened, and if you want to be with Boston, you must be phased. But as the second largest city in the United States, Los Angeles has its own unique characteristics. Its population, the economy is not only in the United States, even in the world, it is famous, but shaping this urban personality characteristics, more lies in it complicated The population constitutes a structure, the characteristics of the cultural furnace, which is diversified, and any other city in the United States cannot match, and such a diversity is also full of enthusiasm in the Los Angeles fans.

On the front report of this World Competition, this is the home of the reporter’s third visit to Dodge, and there is another visit to Anneheim at home. The first time I arrived at the homeland, I first pitched my hand, I was Liu Xianzhen in the second host in the World Competition. This regular season attracted a large number of Korean fans to the pride of their ethnic pride “Liu Fatzi” cheering, the fans are even less than the fans of other ethnic groups. In this game, the Korean fans wearing Liu Xianzheng juvenile can be seen everywhere, and Korean seems to be the first language used in the field. And in Anneheim, the two-knife flow juvenile big valley also allows the Japanese fans to be crazy, not only the Japanese in Los Angeles, and also attracted a large number of Japanese native fans to Los Angeles watching, countless Japanese inside and outside Japanese Well-written Also became a bright landscape of an angel.

Dodge fans

Dodge fans

This is also no wonder that many Asian players will choose the first stop of the big alliance to choose in Dodge, such as the strong Japanese pitcher Blackda Bo tree, including another Japanese duty rod thrower from Hiroshima Tongyang squid. Being debut in the World Competition.

For the city of Los Angeles, the TD fans still responded to the fans of this team with the number of the number of people who admitted to this consecutive league. But as the third old fellow league, the traffic situation on the Dodge Stadium on the sidewalk in the north of Los Angeles market is very unlocked because the road to the playground is basically very narrow roads and slopes. So that a big feature of the Dodge Stadium is that most fans will enter the ball after the kick, and it is also a major inconvenience caused by transportation. Therefore, in the regular season in the weekday, the fans will basically leave in advance when they have been in the upper or 9 games in the upper half of the 9 game, because no one wants to plug in a few lanes in the mountain. Half hour.

Some fans who don’t want to have traffic blocgers are basically considering to stop the car in the train station and then press the special line bus to the stadium to come to the course, so this is indirectly leading to some fans “late to go early”. Such a phenomenon, in the third game of the World Competition, the 7-hour 20 minutes of the National League’s history is exceptionally apparent. When the competition enters the extension bureau, even the final result is unreasonable, there are also many fans to advance Leaving the court, leaving a large empty seat.

In the west coast, Dodge has little daily game in addition to fixed Sunday. Even if the fans in California are famous in the sun beach, they are not very accustomed to see the ball in Yangguan bright day. Therefore, when the game is competition, most of the fans will choose to avoid the sun’s exposure to the shadow.

Entertainment culture is one of the largest markers in Los Angeles, and of course it must also be embodied in the on-site playback promo. However, when the US Sports Competition, when resting, the big screen of the stadium will basically play various players’ small shorts and the flower shot to mobilize the atmosphere. But in Dodge Stadium, these small pieces of editing styles are quite bold and smile, often a small short film can make you happy for a long time. Of course, this is still a stadium with a famous mouth-Skiri, which is known as a living stone. It is unable to naturally have a famous foreigner’s explanation of Skoli introduces a variety of historic short films about Dodge, which also makes Dodge. Stadium becomes more unique.

The Dodge Stadium is known for the famous “Dodger Dog”. The Dodge fans who came to the scene to see the ball basically bought a few Dodge hot dogs as a dinner. However, in the past, the dodgery service of the Dodge Court is still ill, because in addition to the traditional hot dog Pizza Hamburg and Sushi, the Dodge Stadium is basically like a rich diet like the other stadiums. The fans in the market also like to gather in the abroad of the court in the abroad.

For Dodge fans, come to watch the game more like a kind of entertainment, always like to give yourself some fun in the process of the game, so they like to pay attention to the game, they really like to use the Wom, there is a atmosphere, there is Many fans will even bring the inflatable beach ball into the stadium in the process of the game in the audience, and look for entertainment. It looks that they come to the court and don’t just look at the ball as a unique task. When doing these games, they tend to forget to watch the game, forget to give the team to fuel, and even simply dry the game.

The ancient Dodge Stadium is indeed diversified in the hardware. It has diversified as other stadiums to make fans can have more interactive facilities, but in order to show the team’s brilliant history after the current currency GBM, they are on the 2nd floor. The location built an exhibition area tells the fans and the brilliant history. Compared to other stadiums, they like to play various music when they fight exercises in the game, and also the Fenwei Park can’t play the monarch, the Dodge Stadium is surprisingly, it is simply in the game. Not playing any music, this is really a strange thing for this city like opening PartY.

For Los Angeles with many different ethnicities and the multiranda people, Dodge has also attracted a few years of the main tribute to the Tseus, which has a slogan, so the Latino fans in the Dodicate Course have a big. Part part, this is a sharp contrast of the angel coup on the same city. Dodge will even hold a latin style music event before the main game of Regular Saturday.

Of course, if you sit in the rear of the club seat, you are also likely to come across the entertainment star that came to watch the ball, and fortunately got a signature or photo, the camera shot of the scene was also looked to capture these entertainment stars. The lens, in this World Contest, Kobe Brines, Country Music Superstars Brad Pesley, and some other hide-speaking TV screens also appeared in the scene of the scene, always remind you, This is a famous entertainment city known as Hollywood.