Two-knife teenagers will be married to Japanese women’s women? Da Guxiang: I don’t mean this

Da Guxiangping

Da Guxiangping

November 22, the Japanese genius of MLB Menlia Union was won this year, the two-knife juvenile Great Valley Xiangping took the flight yesterday, and hundreds of fans took over the airport. According to the plan, the Grand Valley held a press conference this morning. However, on the eve of the conference, a rumored network about the marriage of the valley, which triggered an unreast wave.

The Japanese media have made a big news called a five-year magnitude of the ban.

The top players like the top of the Valley are highly concerned that overseas will fight for half a year, and return to the country to explain all aspects of the media. Especially in the MLB for decades, the first player, the reporters wanted to talk, and a formal press conference would be indispensable.

However, a gossip held a Japanese network in the release meeting, almost completely concealed the topic about the big valley: Grand Valley is about to announce the marriage message, the woman is a Japanese female royalist hunt dance!

This year, only 24-year-old Grand Valley has always given a prostitute image, as if it is still a boy who has not grown up. Since the two-knife stream needs to be subjected to work in the two aspects of the strike and the ball, the valley has been engaged in the competition training after entering the staff, and there are very few personal problems. Two years ago, there were Japanese media reported that the team Hokkaido Japanese ham in the Japanese media was given him “forbidden love”, strictly controlled his private life, and the female anchor is alone. It is not allowed, and the gathering will also report.

In fact, it is not just that the team is constraining him. The Great Valley also reflects the position of firm “regardless of marriage”. Even with a variety of villaraes with a relaxed atmosphere, the big valley is perfunctory for any females. Up to a high child like a high child, sports, personality, cheerful girl, as for female anchor? Don’t think! The red white song meeting held in 2017, the Grand Valley as a guest, with a well-known actress, and the countless Chinese fans will be regarded as a dream lover’s new 垣 垣 垣 垣 垣 桌 桌 桌 桌 桌 桌 桌 桌 桌 桌 桌 桌 女 女 女 垣 垣 垣 女 垣 垣 垣 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 女 垣 女The polite smile is sitting, not being captured by the lens to interact with the new 垣, put some of the netizens who are not too suspicious to give me a pain, “How can there be such a wasting opportunity!”

The most exuberable thing is that in April this year, the media reported that the big valley and the father were about to “ban five years”, which allowed the fans who appreciate his conscientious spirit to suspect whether the genius teenager did it? Given the impression of the valley, he has accumulated it to the world, he wants to marry the marriage. Suddenly spread out of marriage, just like two 100 miles of speed balls followed by a fingerball, it is not easy to make people from all walks of life.

Da Guxiang Ping himself rumored: I didn’t think about getting married.

At the press conference held today, the Grand Valley drops a few days to the first time the Great League. The spring training is a very difficult memory for him. At that time, he couldn’t find a feeling, and the US media and fans were also ridiculous. Under the pressure, the Valley seeks the help of the predecessor Suzuki, the 2001 Menna Xianxian Newcomer Wang Dynasty gave a lot of suggestions in the future, and the valley benefited much, and he was grateful to this.

After the official opening season, the big valley was brave, and the ball was brought two wins. It took three consecutive days for three consecutive days. With this moment, he won the best newcomers in the United States. The big valley describes “This is a fascinating season, I don’t know who will win the best newcomers, I can have a lot of prizes.”

However, the two-knife boy has encountered a trough. Due to the injury of the elbow, the Grand Valley has to give up the ball in the middle of the season, and in full-time designation, he immediately accepted TJ surgery. He reported to the reporter: “Some of the cases at the beginning, but in order to decide the knife for the long-term goal. The operation is very successful, and now there is no inconvenience in everyday life.”

Regarding whether to play the Japanese National Team 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the Grand Valley flashes a little whistle, and “I think I want to participate” it. It is well known that the MLB comments and the Summer Olympics have time conflicts. The tradition of the Great Alliance has also refused to play players to participate in the Olympics. When the face of the father and old folks, it is not convenient to refuse, can only be said to be included, let the reporters can cross the same.

Due to the highlight of the eve of the conference, the above “orthodox” is added, which may not be as good as the rumors of marriage news. The Grand Valley is obviously ready to make it clear that there is no marriage. Good newsperspers are not willing to continue to ask “Is there a plan for a few years old,”, the big valley is very simply killing this topic: “No.”

Gossip object Shape Sweet body tall than the big valley is 6 years old

Fans who pay attention to the volleyball will not feel strange to the hunt. She once represented the Japanese women’s volleyball team and the 20https://www.mlbboutique2.com12 London Olympic bronze medal. It is a strong two-handed hands. She is 186 cm, she is a sweet and sweet, and is determined by the domestic row of fans as “Japanese women’s lighter value”.

Da Vallant and hunting dance wear with bracelet

Da Vallant and hunting dance wear with bracelet

Afterwards, Zhuge Liang, in July this year, the wild day before and after, was captured by the media to watch the angel and Dodge game in the Los Angeles scene. The careful media is more obsolete, found that the two have the same style of bracelet. Coupled with the valley, I really like “high, sports, personality,” girls, these three hops.

In addition to the body and personality characteristics, the age of hunt is also a factor that triggered delusion. Born in 1988, hunt is 30 years old this year, 6 years older than the Grand Valley. For the Chinese, the female is rare less than a male, let alone is 6 years old, even if the brother is love, the gap is also very disappeared. But the fans who are familiar with Japan’s altar may be smiled: a lot of well-known Japanese baseball players have a big age than their own big, half-joke, it is simply “revolutionary tradition”.

Therefore, although the cereal has not married in the press conference, it is integrated that the media will linked to the valley and is not simple to listen to the wind. Besides, the Tale is only claiming that there is no marriage, this is not contradictory with girlfriends who are interacting. If you want to choose, you will be absolutely logical in the name of the gossip of the rumor.

In addition to age, it is best to be an anchor, Japanese altar, wife, have a routine

The standard Japanese baseball star “marks a wife template” is not only a standard of brothers and love, and there is also a tendency to the women’s occupation – it is best to have a major TV station.

US duty rod Day Star Bell, Land, 8 years old, was once a television aesthetic buddy bow

US duty rod Day Star Bell, Land, 8 years old, was once a television aesthetic buddy bow

The number one represented by the Japanese body for many years, and the non-old legend of MLB is typical. When he married his blessing bow with his wife in 1999, he was 26 years old and the woman was 34 years old. It was 8 years old. The bow is a good name in TBS TV from 1990. It is a well-known name of Japan. After marriage, he retracted from TV station, and he supports husband’s baseball business.

Two degrees won the World Baseball Classic MVP, in 2007, helping Boston socks won the “peaceful monsters” pine to the World Competition, and the lady is imitation, and the lady is 6 years old, the anchor of the Japanese TV. It is said that Song Paku is in the event of a chance to interview his opportunity, and then take the initiative to win the beauty of the beauty. After marriage, Chai Tian resigned and made three children with Songli.

In addition, it is currently effective in the Los Angeles Dodge, and the lady Chengdao is 3 years old. For a long time, the lady’s wooden son is 2 years old, and the former Japanese TV station female anchor; the Tiantuang, the Talent, Philadelphia, the Philadelphia, the Chicago Bear, the lady, the first TBS TV female anchor; Japanese national team The main Sagawa Hawk, the main Sichuan Sichuan, the lady, is 1 year old, the former Fuji TV female anchor … If fully statistics, this list can also be used longer.

Most of many Japanese star players are not a female anchor, but it is also in line with sister’s brothers. For example, the current effect of New York Yangji’s field will be big. Mrs. Ri Tian Dynasty is an idol star, big he is 4 years old; effective Purgugo Bear In addition, Mrs. Mountain is a four-year female 55kg wrestling world champion, he is 6 years old. Eshammed is the predecessor of the Great Valley in the Hokkaido Hammer, and the two private intersection, and the hunt and the mountains are athletes. The hunt “happens to be 6 years old, which is 6 years old, all kinds of coincidences, inevitably triggers the gossip of the fans.

What is the big idea? It is more important than the inner quality of the appearance.

Then why is the Japanese baseball player prefer to have a long-lived female anchor? This has a relationship with the professional characteristics of the baseball player and the Japanese cultural concept.

Baseball players are busy due to the training of competitions, many teams will make players live in the team dormitory in order to make players in their career, will let players live in the team dormitory, like the “ban love order” like the Grand Valley is not in Japan. specific phenomenon. In this way, the female anchor became a lot of different sexualities in many excellent baseball players. It is said that it is also a good month, saying that there is no choice but to choose, the players and the anchors are often walking by the river, there is always “accidentally” falling in.

On the other hand, the top baseball player builds a family. In addition to the two people, the doorholders are also an important consideration. Baseball players and female anchors are public figures, status, satisfied with men and women. In social relationship, whether it is a family elder, the unit is or a public opinion media, and the combination of Lang Talent women can be explained.

The most important thing is that the Japanese society pays attention to the male owner of the male, such as the Japanese altar of the Japanese altar, but also went to the big alliance to fight for the Asian baseball, and there is no sage to support support, but there is no way. The TV station is a unit of work, the unit of strength, only excellent women with professionalism, professional attitude, can sit on the position of the anchor. Plus the player’s life circle is more closed, and it is inexperienced that people ‘s experience is inexperienced, and the employee worked by the work qualifications can just form complementary. Therefore, it is more than a few years old female anchor, which is a synonym of the top-bearing wife in the Japanese baseball star.

Of course, it is not to say that the challenge of the big alliance is not to have a rival, the New York Yangji, 2009 Winning World Contest MVP “Costla” Matsui Xi Xi Xi is to get married after the United States. According to estimates that the woman is just an ordinary people, Matsi is not open to the privacy of love wife. Since the Valley has already expressed his “ban for five years”, it is not possible. After all, he is not 30 years old, and he has not arrived at an urgent age. Besides, for countless fans, there is no 20 wins and 40 wins in the new season may still be a little thing, “keep single” is probably the most critical “requirements” for their high quality idols on the valley.