Two knives of the referee! Counting the rugby referee of cross-border law enforcement basketball

On December 17th, in the fifteenth week of the NFL regular season, the defending champion Philadelphia Eagle defeated the Los Angeles ram at 30-23 thrilling. In addition to the two sides of the game, the referee of law enforcement competition has also received some attention.

The Bill Vivach, the Bill Viridich, has 13 years of experience in the law enforcement NFL level. The explanation of the guest Xiao Shen guidewrough in the competition of Vinovich law enforcement, this referee is not only in the NFL, and there have been law enforcement experience in the basketball industry.

Indeed, Virino does have the experience of coaching a college basketball game, and the level is not low – the information on the university basketball is relatively limited, but we can still be sure, he is at least in 2007 to enforce the highest level of college basketball in 2007 – – National Championship, is the “crazy March” of the fan.

In NFL, Viridich entered the alliance in the 2001 season, and the 2004 season began to become a master referee. In 2007, he once returned to the position of the playback official because of health reasons, and he returned to the field and law enforcement in the finals. On the 49th Super Bowl of the 2014 season, the New England Patriots and the Seattle Hawks played a classic confrontation, Virinovic is the bureau of this game. Prior to this, he also served as a referee on the 47th Super Bowl.

The referee in the basketball industry and the rugby “two toilet” is not only Vivovich, another fans are very familiar with the referee, Jean Stelartale, and the same is also law enforcement NFL and university basketball, including crazy March, the game. In the two industries, they have been in the enforcement, he has also been interviewed and said when doing an NFL referee, he can sit in the first class, live in a high-level hotel. It is necessary to spend 20-30 hours a week to organize the performance of the team. In addition, we must also participate in the conclusion of the Alliance Organization, and examine the next team that needs law enforcement. One or two days before the game, he will fly the game, meeting with the team members, meet with the TV broadcast team, and so on.

The law enforcement basketball is not, many journey costs require the referee to pay, so he often chooses to drive to the game. The workload of the prepared competition is also different, and he often enforces the three or four games every week.

“Many people say that I am Diang Sanders,” Stratin once said. “The only difference may be that I never appear in the game.” Sanders is a famous corner Wei, he has also been short-lived in the American Baseball Union (MLB). Strattol means he belongs to Sanders as a “amphibious” worker. In addition, he also said that many people will ask him some questions for his two work. He will ask his university basketball, and the college basketball coach and referee will ask him NFL.

Strator enters NFL to be NFL, which is late in the 2003 season, is promoted to the main referee is in the 2006 season. In contrast, he is much more experience in the college basketball industry. He has enforced in the NCAA top League before him enter NFL. After the 2017 season, Stelartale announced the retirement from the field and entered Colombia TV (CBS) as a guest for rules. Sentence fans may have realized that we have not seen his figure in this season.

Viritich and Strattore are two familiar referees. In a longer age, I have also had a NFL referee that has been law enforcement, including Jim-Tunney (Jim Tunney, 1960-90 law enforcement NFL), Ben Dreith (Ben Dreith, 1960-90) Law enforcement), Fred – Silva (Fred Silva, law enforcement in 1968-88), Tommy Bell (1962-76), Don Wedge (Don Wedge, 1972-96). There are also some referees, including Jerry Seeman (Jerry Seeman, 1975-90 law enforcement), and law enforcement over-level basketball competition.

The full-time referee is still very low in all NFL referees, and the alliance does not seem to develop to all members in the short term. So in the future, we may have a chance to see some new referees, in addition to NFL, in other sports, also served as the same role.

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