US media statistics have received the total positive and negative value in the past decade: Kuli pressure Duranting, Zhan Huang 5th, Haden only 10!

Beijing time on November 30, 2021-22 season NBA regular competition fierce battle. As of today, the new season NBA regular season has been proximately 40 days. Earlier today, US media Gswbulls_sawa statistics on the total negative value of NBA players in the past 10 years, of which Curry is ranked first, Durant ranks 2nd, James # 5 of Hardara 5.

Specifically ranked as follows:

1, Curry +6086

2, Durant +4746

3, chasing dreams – Green +4637

4, Paul +4575

5, James +4543

6, Thompson +4366

7, Lenard +4197

8, Danny Green +3666

9, Igodala +3303

10, Harden +2919

Curry is the first in the world and is surprising. In the past 10 seasons, he has led the Warriors many times
to get the results of the regular season name, and 3 times got the NBA champion, in the 2015-16 season, he leads the Warriors to have achieved history. 73 wins and 9 negative results.

Durant ranked 2nd, and his long-term stability and efficient playback also had direct relationships. However, because of the cause of injury, Durant has had a long-term lack of a long-term, which has had a certain impact on his total positive negative value.

Paul and James were also expected. Although the two replaced the main team in the past 10 years, each time they turn down the new team, it can make the team’s achievements have greatly improved, which is enough to prove that the two people have the control of the game, and the team’s ability. promote.

Among other players, there are a number of Warriors players, including chasing dreams, Thompson, Igodala. Other superstars, Lenard, Harden has also been selected.