US team Robin transdimensional tweets hate each other superheroes also not immune to resentment between the two cities

Although the popular American movie hero, either Marvel or DC, to launch a movie hero will gain at least some attention. But if you want these two heroes pinch each other about it, it seems to only exist in the imaginary fans. But “Captain America,” the actor – Chris Evans and “Robin,” the actor Joseph – Gordon – Levitt has achieved this Taking a dialogue on Twitter, whereas actually the focus of the two disputes NFL’s new England Patriots tyrannical related.

Levitt is the cause of the incident made a chicken soup in the text of the tweet, “You will give the young what their own suggestions, please use the words answer me.” Born out of Boston, Evans is quite ironically calm reply to the words “buy – love – country – who.”

“Captain America” ??Evans is a big fan of the Patriots, this is familiar to most of his fans know. In addition to social media often cheer outside the Patriots, he was in Fort fox Gillette Stadium VIP regulars. So no surprise that he supported the Patriots in the reply. However, Levitt as a Los Angeles man, understand the nature of this reply behind the “profound meaning.”

From October 2018 began, Boston and Los Angeles, the two cities dialogue within the range of sports can be described as “Yuanjialuzhai.” MLB World Series, the Boston Red Sox to 4-1 Lectra Los Angeles Dodgers; while in the NFL Super Bowl showdown in February of this year, from the Boston Patriots Youyi 13-3 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. Two direct dialogue in the highest stage of all American sports team to Boston to win in the end, no wonder there are so emboldened Evans in dialogue with Levitt’s.

Not only that, from the ice hockey stadium NHL Boston Bruins team all the way to the Eastern Conference finals and the medal lead. If they can win the Champions League final, which will be a bumper year in Boston! However, Leavitt was to find the “Achilles heel” and Evans were back to hate. “But damn Celtic” Levitt reply to, what he was referring to was a few days ago in the NBA Milwaukee Bucks 4-1 swept out of the Celtics, but the Celtics have become used Levitt the only bargaining chip to counter Evans.

Of course, verbal dispute on Twitter does not mean that the deterioration of relations between the two. This wave of “map cannon” let the masses eat melon seen enjoying themselves, if they can put down the phone, avatar movie superhero fighting something, being that it is the fans!