Ville is short, pay for the failed transaction

Aston Villa is an old-acquaintance of the Premier League. This season is only 3 wins and 1 flat 6 negative rankings # 15, only 6 points higher than the downgrade, which is the worst record of the team in recent years. It can be reasonable or the team’s injury problems, and they seem to be difficult to find the feeling of the past.

This summer, Aston Villa did not resist the temptation of banknotes, they gave Garlij to Manchester City, replaced 118 million euros, this sale is also quite cost-effective, to know the European Cup that just ended, Gla Whis is excellent, and it california trending news is also his most expensive period, latest current news in hindi and he doesn’t have any problems. The team of the team will make everyone understand.

38.4 million euros, from Novi She buys Ben Dadia, 35.2 million euros from Southampton, 30.8 million euros, Buy Brent Ford Front Waterkins, and used 1.575 million euros from Nottingham forest signed Cassi. Among the above four people, only the idea is excellent, it has become the best shooter, and the other four people are inactive, and some have no rotation. It seems that their investment is going to be drifted.

It is no problem to buy a player from the low-level league. It can take such a high price, and people can’t understand. It is really a silly money. From Noviki to Southampton, these four teams are either hopeless, or they are in the League Rankings, they want to know from this news update hindi today kind of team. This difficulty www rediffnews can be imagined, nor does it know that the club is What I think.

Fortunately, there is a old acquaintance in the team, Tu An Bibei, Minste, and I hope they will lead the flag drum as soon as possible, find the old brave state.