Wednesday SMG football early race analysis: analysis of yesterday’s three races all right today to continue! | League | Yokohama | sandstone

  001J League,

  Tokushima Vortis Cerezo Osaka VS

  Tokushima Vortis

  Last season the Japanese professional B champion, is a veteran Japanese professional lift, overall conservative style of play, they are currently behind in tenth in the Japanese professional league, newly promoted in terms of this performance was satisfactory. Team recent state is acceptable in the past four events have only lost one game last round draw with Oita Trinita to one to one, the main team Yuan Tian Yuhui, Miyashiro Story each team scored seven into ball, the current personal status is still very good, aggressive style of play the team as a whole, the last seven races there are six total goals more than two goals, doing well on the offensive end, the last five tournaments per game has goals.


  Cerezo Osaka

  Japanese professional league teams last season ranked fourth in the final standings this season, the key to the ball defense is obviously insufficient, the overall play in the doldrums, the current league behind in twelfth. Cerezo Osaka recent close call capacity building is not small, nearly nineteen-field race only a draw, this is good. To quickly enter the competitive state, nearly four races in the first half invincible. The team in the past five guest challenges Tokushima Vortis unbeaten, the field of psychological advantage. Cerezo Osaka winning capability is not strong, it nearly fifteen league games to win five games and losing forty percent rate is not low. Cerezo Osaka long misfiring attack, there are nearly ten race four quiz, nearly three league away but only accounted for a ball.

  Comprehensive view:

  In the history of confrontation, Tokushima Vortis Cerezo Osaka made over the past seven face a win and one loss record level five, of which nearly three encounters were victorious in the psychological disadvantage, but there are signs of recent home team comeback, this field Germany whirlpool is expected to defend the dignity of the island home.

  Results view main to win: “1: 0,1: 1,2: 1”

  002J League, Yokohama FCvs Tosu sandstone

  Yokohama FC

  Thirty-three tournament this season with just twenty-five, came at the end of the league, the situation is grim relegation last season, is ranked 15, Yokohama FC home league this season, sixteen got four wins and five flat seven negative results , home scoring rate reached 56.2%, Yokohama FC are currently a total of sixteen home league scored twenty-one ball, but the road is only seventeen scored ten goals, a better home strength, Yokohama FC last four league games got two wins and a Ping negative results, Yokohama FC at home this season, a total of sixteen lost twenty-eight goals, averaging one seven Wuge clean sheet, is home to several Japanese professional league clean sheet most teams, Yokohama FC on a league on the road one to two lost Shonan ocean after two games scoring ended.


  Tosu sandstone

  Currently thirty-three tournaments 1.52 plot, ranked seventh in the league, nine points behind third place last season ranked thirteenth in the Japanese professional league, the two sides nearly four plays, Tosu sandstone is two wins a Ping-negative advantage, April has won three news 7 tamil live now nil opponents at home, Tosu sandstone last two games and only one game failed to kick goals, scored a total of two games, the offensive has been warmer, the birds perched on a sandstone failed to win on the road is more than a zero loss to Gamba Osaka, has five consecutive league.

  Comprehensive view:

  Both teams have had in the last two seasons, recording four plays, Tosu sandstone achieved two wins and a Ping negative record slightly the upper hand, but this season the two sides had had a fight, Tosu sandstone sits at home three to letters dated Yokohama FC; and Yokohama FC last time dates back to win at home in 2010. On the recent performance of the two teams, the Yokohama FC slightly better, but Tosu sandstone league has five victorious.

  Results view main to win: “2: 1,2: 2,3: 2”

  003J League, Tokyo FCVS Shimizu samachar news in english S-Pulse

  FC Tokyo

  Last game one to two loss to Kashima Antlers, suffered the second longest of the season with three defeats, due to the current points already in Tokyo can not go up, get down situation, so there is nothing compared to their desire to win Kashima good chance the whole game Tokyo hopes to create competition for the AFC qualification even more than Kashima, but to grasp the opportunity in front of capacity Kashima better. In the summer transfer window imported from Montedio Yamagata Watanabe Ling grind scored one goal to save face, which is also home to Watanabe in Tokyo’s first goal, be the only game worth Tokyo fans happy.


  Shimizu S-Pulse

  Japanese professional league this season, cruised thirty-three, Shimizu S-Pulse won seven wins and eleven losses record level fifteen, thirty second product being www breaking news in hindi com ranked fifteenth league. Shimizu S-Pulse to zero than a guest lost to Kawasaki Frontale in the last game of the league, lost two straight. Shimizu S-Pulse recently caught in an awkward position misfiring, the last four games have been as many as three games zero closure. Fortunately, the fire pretty good team away, the last three away league is just a zero closure, a total of three games scoring three goals. Shimizu S-Pulse striker twenty-eight Brazilian player Santana played thirty-two league games, scored a total of ten goals, is the team’s top scorer. Junior team midfielder and striker Kato Tinto has injury will not play the game.

  Results view:

  Previous confrontation in terms of history, FC Tokyo in the past ten face Shimizu S-Pulse scored six wins and three defeats a record level, nearly twice the home could clash coming up news gains victory in the psychological advantage, Shimizu S-Pulse and body in this field is expected to guest retreat.

  Results Lord let negative view: “0: 1,1: 2,2: 2”

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