Why can’t Memphis depe not be a brother?

Messi is in Barcelona, ??Messi is the highest annual salary of Barcelona players. Barcelona announces that it cannot live hindi news of aaj tak be renewed with Messi, and 34 million Euro Grezman is the first high salary in Barcelona. But after Glezman rents, after Madrid’s competitive, Barcelona players turned to Memphis depe, 18 million euros a year.

Memphis Depe is Barcelona’s homely bishop Kuman’s favorite star, and began to fight tamilachi latest news tactics. It is equivalent to the Lakers’ James has unlimited fire protection, but Camman did not find Memphis depe, this season joined After Barcelona, ??there is nothing big, and the impression is deeper or in Alavis, Memphis Depe is a cloud to attack the Arvis gate.

Memphis Depe is a raising person, you can talk to Mbpe, when you are in Barcelona, ??he is a bit no, for example, when you get a penalty, I was once being used by Aguiro The main penalty is required, resulting in two contradictions.

In fact, Memphis depe started in Manchester United, ?? ?? ?? but also for the main striker, but because of the reason, he went to the Gijia League. Many fans said that if Memphis Depe is like, then the whole team is broken. Not far away, as the top star of the Dutch national team, Memphis Depel is less famous, and becomes a Dutch strip in 2015.

At that latest news paper time, Memphis depe was 21 years old. He took the No. 7 star of Manchester United. Many people say that he will become the protagonist of the dream theater here. He can shoot, you can pass, Memphis Depe The spring breeze is proud, but 2016 Netherlands National Team Waterloo’s performance makes Memphis depe falling into the trough from the altar, only two goals in the whole season.

At the same time, his teacher is also under get out of class, so Memphis depe will go to the Game League to work, where he played very well, the first season helped current news update in hindi to fight 19 goals, in the European Games, German Penda is a super star in the Netherlands.

Memphis Depe depe is recognized by Barcelona, ??so please come to him, now Barcelona’s current stable super core, Depe’s age also has this responsibility on the paper, but unfortunately Find his manual. I don’t know if the successor Harvey can find Memphis depe’s instructions, otherwise the annual salary of 19 million annual salary is white.